Benefits of Camtasia Software

by mrsinghal
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DNB and TechSmith Camtasia

With Camtasia, you can very easily record your Computer Screen and yourself simultaneously and after recording, you can import Videos and Images saved on your computer or mobile and edit all these on the timeline of Camtasia and can create highly impressive and stunning Videos.

You can think of creating almost all types of videos by using various amazing tools provided by Camtasia. It can be Training Videos. It can be a Lesson or explanation on a certain Concept. It can be a demonstration of a Software. It can be simply a promotional video through which you can enhance your business.

You may be thinking that Creating Video means lot of technical knowledge but it is not true. If you know simple computer operations, you can very easily create Videos, that too of a very high standard and professional one.

Following are the major benefits of Camtasia Software

Choose Your Footage and Record anything with few clicks.

Camtasia gives you the power to record anything that you like. This includes your whole screen, a small window or even a Webcam recording. Alternately, you can add images, audios, videos or a PowerPoint presentation that you already have.

A simple timeline feature makes editing easy.

The ability to combine or split clips, trim and speed up or slow down your footage makes editing easy. Add highlight and blur tools, the ability to remove a colour, animations and captioning, hotspots and quizzing into the mix and you have all the tools you need to produce a highly effective video.

Multi-Platform access between Windows and Mac.

Easily share projects and files between Windows and Mac computers giving you the ability to collaborate with colleagues regardless of their platform.

Drop and edit your video with ease.

The drag and drop editor allows you to drag and drop every effect and element in your video. Edit immediately in the preview window to see exactly how your video will look. Once your video is complete then you can output your video at broadcast ready 4k.

Engage Your Audience and Make sure your videos stand out.

Use impressive assets such as mouse movements, keystrokes, music, motion graphics and interactive quizzes to keep your audience engaged. Camtasia can help you create polished videos that will keep your training or educational videos interesting.

Through PowerPoint Integration, transform boring slides into engaging videos.

Camtasia gives you the ability to drag a PowerPoint presentation into the program and turn it into a compelling video. Add multimedia such as narration, captions, mouse pointer or call outs to effectively communicate your message and keep viewers interested.

Camtasia is the product of TechSmith Corporation, USA. Develop Net Business (DNB) is the Authorized Partner/Reseller of TechSmith.

Camtasia Software is available for FREE TRIAL. You can contact Mr. Mohan Singhal of Develop Net Business (DNB) for further details about Camtasia.

Contact number of Mr. Mohan Singhal is +91-9657747639 and his E-Mail Id is Website of Develop Net Business (DNB) is

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